Bair Bones Osteopathic Family Medicine Inc

Welcome to Bair Bones Osteopathic Family Medicine Inc

Welcome to Bair Bones Osteopathic Family Medicine Inc

Welcome to Bair Bones Osteopathic Family Medicine IncWelcome to Bair Bones Osteopathic Family Medicine Inc

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Bair Bones Osteopathic Medicine Inc

Inside the Wildfire Family Clinic at 2505 Southeast 11th Avenue, Suite 268, Portland, Oregon 97202, United States

T: 503-662-7226 (se habla español) F: 503-676-5662


Open today

10:00 am – 07:00 pm

Since we're just getting started, the clinic is open by appointment only on most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am-7pm. 

Telephone and video visits are available any day of the week, pending provider approval (just contact us via phone or Patient Ally). 

Same-day appointments can be scheduled online or by phone just 2-hours in advance.

Need non-urgent help outside of business hours? Give us a call or send a message using your patient portal or the button below!

Click here to send us a message! (No personal health information, please).


After Hours

In case of a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1 right away. For other urgent or emergent medical needs please go to a local Urgent Care or Emergency Department. 

For non-urgent concerns, please leave us a voicemail, or send a message using our patient portal or the button above.

For prescription or lab questions, please see the following sections.

Contact Us About Your Prescriptions


Medication Refills

- Refill requests should be placed at least 3 business days before running out of medication. 

- Call the phone number on your medication bottle to request a refill, even if the label says there are no refills available. The pharmacy will send an electronic request directly to our doctor. 

- If there are requirements that must be met before your prescription is refilled, such as a follow-up visit or monitoring lab test, we will be in touch within 24-36 hours of your request.

Other Medication Questions

If you have any questions about a medication, or are having difficulty obtaining or affording your prescriptions, PLEASE LET US KNOW! You can contact the doctor via phone, our patient portal, or by clicking the message button above.

Medication Discounts!

Medications can be expensive, and every pharmacy charges a different price. Here are a few ways to pay less for your prescriptions, and you can use them whether or not you have insurance. (Pro Tip: Most discount programs also cover pet meds.)

  • GoodRx: This may be the best-known free discount card. It works like a coupon, providing significant discounts at many of our local pharmacies. They also have a wonderful phone app and website that quickly find which of your local pharmacies has the lowest price for your medication. You can pick up a free discount card in our clinic or use an electronic coupon code from their app or website.
  • Kroger Rx Savings Club: This is a low-cost membership program for use at Fred Meyer and other Kroger stores. For $36/year for individuals, or $72/year for up to 6 people or pets, members can purchase more than 100 common generic prescriptions for $6 or less. Some medications are even free!
  • Walmart and Target: For years these pharmacies put out "$4 Med Lists", without requiring insurance, memberships, or discount cards. Unfortunately, Walmart's list got MUCH shorter this past year (click this link for a complete list), and Target discontinued their $4 program altogether.
  • If you still can't find an affordable price for your medication, PLEASE CONTACT US. The doctor may be able to switch you to an equivalent medication with a lower price, or help out in some other way.

Discount Lab Tests via Health Testing Centers

Discount Lab Tests Without an Appointment!

Order hospital-quality lab tests online at VERY discounted prices via Health Testing Centers, without seeing a doctor first. 


1. Click the link to our member page at Health Testing Centers, or paste the following URL into your browser's search bar .

2. Select the desired tests and add them to your shopping cart. Options range from routine blood work, to multi-step hormone tests and in-home screening kits for sexually transmitted infections. Unsure what tests to get? Bair Bones is happy to help! Drop us a line or give us a call via the information above.

3. Pay for your tests online via credit card or PayPal®. A portion of the money will go toward supporting our non-profit clinic! Please note that Health Testing Centers does not process health insurance.

4. If you order an in-home kit it will be delivered to you in about a week. For all other tests, you will be emailed a lab requisition form that can be printed and taken to any LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics lab. The lab will take it from there! You won't need to pay anything at the lab, or give them any insurance information.

5.  You will receive an email once your results are ready. Then simply sign in to the website to view and download them.

6. Schedule a follow-up appointment at Bair Bones! We'll discuss your results and plan any next steps.



- already know which labs are needed (or have called Bair Bones to figure this out).

- don't need their test results immediately (most results will come back in a day or two, though some can take longer).

- can pay the full price online without using health insurance. 

- don't mind going to one of our local LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics locations.

- want to save money!  Even with insurance, often labs are not fully covered. These online prices are well below standard, with especially fantastic deals on certain panels and kits.


- you are having concerning or progressive symptoms (for possible life-threatening emergencies call 9-1-1).

- your medical situation is complicated. For medically complex patients, or those without a clear diagnosis, often a visit is needed to determine the appropriate labs and best course of action.

- you want to use your health insurance to pay for lab tests, or find it more convenient to receive a bill that can be paid at a later date.

- you want your test results immediately. Bair Bones offers many budget-friendly lab tests that can be performed right in clinic during your appointment. Please see our available lab tests and prices here.


Give Bair Bones a call and we'd be happy to answer them.

Click here to schedule an appointment.