Out of concern for our patients, staff, and communities, visits will be limited in both number and type. We are currently restructuring our telemedicine options, and hope to provide most patient care via this platform in the coming days. All osteopathic manual treatments are currently on-hold due to the prolonged close contact required, and the limitations of personal protective equipment. Unfortunately we cannot offer testing for the COVID-19 Coronavirus at this time. PLEASE CALL THE CLINIC PRIOR TO SCHEDULING ANY APPOINTMENTS. 


Schedule online or by phone.!

Before scheduling an appointment, please review our services and pricing information. All appointment times listed online are available! You may contact us with any questions, or to inquire about scheduling an appointment outside of regular business hours.

Appointment Information

Visits are conducted in English or Spanish, and all fees must be paid on the day of service via cash, card, or app (we hope to take insurance in the future).  Unsure if this is the best and most cost effective option for you?  Read answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by clicking the button below.

Schedule your medical appointment online!


Communication Details

If you choose to schedule online, a text and email will be sent to you with the appointment information (standard SMS charges apply). Later, you may also receive an email with a link to register with our patient portal, allowing you to enter intake information prior to your appointment. If you don't want to receive these text and email communications, please schedule your appointment via phone by calling 503-662-7226. 

Still unsure what to sign up for? Here are some tips.

Consider Immediate Care if:

  • you have a single health concern and do not require a Primary Care Provider (PCP) or regular visits.
  • you already have a PCP but it's easier or cheaper to come into Bair Bones for an urgent concern.
  • you are visiting from out of town.
  • you want to be seen for a service that is not provided at your current clinic.
  • you have a temporary lapse in insurance or primary care coverage.
  • you want a second opinion about a previous diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
  • you have a male PCP and wish to see a female provider for women's health exams.
  • you wish to be seen confidentially for a specific issue, rather than by your current care provider.

Consider a Primary Care Appointment if:

  • you want to establish a consistent relationship with a medical provider.
  • you haven't had a Primary Care Provider in the past few years.
  • you want longer appointments than are offered at your current primary care clinic.
  • you want holistic primary care from an osteopathic physician who can also provide manual treatments.
  • you have a chronic condition that requires follow-up and monitoring.
  • most of your care is provided by specialists, but you need a PCP to manage your preventative healthcare, referrals, and medications.

Consider a Wellness Membership* if:

  • you are uninsured or have a high insurance deductible.
  • you will need multiple visits to get a specific health condition under control.
  • you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart failure, or ADHD that requires routine monitoring.
  • you find it easier or less stressful to budget a consistent monthly fee.
  • it's more affordable than paying separately for the appointments and labs you anticipate needing.
  • you are more likely to access needed care if it's already paid for.

*Wellness Members can schedule either unlimited Primary Care or Immediate Care appointments.

Just need some labs?

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