Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How is Bair Bones different than other clinics?

A: Bair Bones aspires to make healthcare easy, accessible, and affordable for all*. We've reduced unnecessary administrative barriers, so instead of a receptionist, our doctor will answer your phone calls and voicemails, and personally greet you upon arrival. Want an appointment? Schedule it yourself within minutes via our website. To maximize your time in clinic, all intake documents can be completed in advance via the patient portal. Because we all worry about the costs of healthcare**, our detailed (and more affordable) price list is available online. The appointments themselves also look and feel different than those at larger clinics. Our clinic is peaceful, full of natural light, and only a few patients and providers are booked at any one time. Appointments are longer, and the doctor will perform all vital sign checks, on-site lab tests, and procedures. Certain visit types can even be performed over the phone or via secure video-chat; just check with the doctor before scheduling. Bair Bones has created this intentional and collaborative approach to health care in order to build more meaningful therapeutic relationships, and provide you the kind of personalized care we all deserve. 

*Bair Bones is committed to providing compassionate care to anyone seeking help, paying particular attention to marginalized communities, who have historically been mistreated by doctors and medical establishments.

**Our non-profit has created a Patient Support Fund to help cover needed in-clinic costs when patients are unable to afford them.

Q: Do you take my health insurance?

A: Bair Bones is not currently processing insurance claims, or registered "in-network" with any insurance companies. However, your insurance may still cover your visit with us. At the end of each visit we will provide you with a "Superbill", an itemized and coded receipt that patients can submit to their insurance companies for complete or partial reimbursement. All visit fees still need to be paid to Bair Bones same-day (cash, card, app, HSA, etc), but if your policy covers the services you received, the Superbill should include everything you need to submit the claim on your own**. Depending on your coverage, your insurance may also be billed directly for prescriptions or any labs that are collected or sent off-site.

**IMPORTANT EXCEPTION** Unfortunately, Medicare patients will not be able to submit any claims for our clinic's services. We wish this weren't the case, and the reasons for this are complicated. If you'd like to discuss this with us further, please give us a call or talk to us in person. Medicare patients CAN still bill insurance for outside labs, imaging, and prescriptions.

Q: Why would I come to Bair Bones rather than a clinic that works with my Insurance company?

A: We're so glad you asked! There are many possible answers to this question. Perhaps you have an 'urgent care' need and can't get into your normal clinic fast enough. Or you want to have longer appointments, with a consistent provider, in a lovely and tranquil setting in SE Portland. Or perhaps you want to see a provider who is comfortable working with diverse and/or Spanish-speaking communities. The unexpected answer for many people is that whether or not you have health insurance, Bair Bones could be your most affordable option

Health insurance is a confusing subject, so we'll try to keep our explanation as simple as possible. Unless you have a superb health plan that covers your preventative care, urgent care, and labs without any out-of-pocket expenses (like the Oregon Health Plan), often there is a deductible that must be paid before the insurance coverage kicks in and covers the rest. Until that out-of-pocket deductible is met (usually $1,000-15,000+), the patient is personally responsible for the cost of all medical care, except those specific services for which the deductible has been waived. Many patients go to an in-network provider in order to get a discount, though a typical medical appointment in your average primary care or urgent care clinic can still end up costing these patients between $175-400, depending on the complexity, additional labs, procedures, etc. Average prices for a Bair Bones adult visit run between $75-120 (less than a standard urgent care co-pay), and many of them include a lab or two.!

Still unsure if Bair Bones is the best option for you? Insurance plans and health care options are confusing, and we genuinely want you to get the best care for your unique situation. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your situation, options, pros and cons. We're a non-profit, and will be honest if we think there's a better fit out there for you.

Q: Can I just come in for labs, without an appointment?

A: An appointment is needed for all on-site lab tests. If you wish to have labs done without an appointment, however, you can!  Please click this button to find out how.

Q: Do you have a pharmacy on site?

A: Bair Bones stocks a limited amount of injectable and oral medications., and can electronically send prescription orders to the outside pharmacy of your choice. Unfortunately, we do not have a full pharmacy on-site.

Q: I have a different Primary Care Provider. Can I come to Bair Bones anyway?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Bair Bones is happy to see patients for individual visits (like an urgent care clinic), a series of visits (such as osteopathic treatments for a new injury) or established long-term primary care (PCP). 


Q: Medical care is expensive. What if I can't afford an appointment?

A: Our non-profit is dedicated to making health care accessible to all patients. If you need care and don't think you can afford it, please call our clinic at 503-662-7226 to discuss options for your specific situation.

Q: How do I know which type of appointment to schedule? Do I need a monthly Wellness Membership?

A: Please click the button below to see our scheduling and membership tips.

What if I need help outside of normal clinic hours?

A:  In case of a life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1 right away. 

For other urgent or emergent medical needs please go to a local Urgent Care or Emergency Department. 

For non-urgent medical concerns, you have multiple options.

- schedule an appointment online (clinic appointments are available 10am-7pm M,W,F).

- want a telephone or video appointment? These can be made for any day or time that works for the patient and our doctor, and are only scheduled by request. Due to the limitations of phone and video calls, only certain complaints are appropriate to address this way. Fees are $45-75 and are paid via the patient portal.

- call our clinic number (503-662-7226). If you don't reach our doctor directly, please leave us a voicemail, and she will get back to you within 48hrs, typically faster..

- Send a message to the doctor using our patient portal. Have you been seen at Bair Bones, but don't have a patient portal account yet? Check your email for an invitation to Patient Ally. If you don't find an invitation, call 503-662-7226 to request one.

For other prescription, lab, or non-medical questions, please read the entire FAQ in case your question has already been answered. If you don't find what you need, please give us a call at 503-662-7226 or send a message via the patient portal. 

Q: Can I ask the doctor a medical question without an appointment?

A: Some questions can be quickly answered via phone, and others need a more detailed consultation better suited to a clinic or telemedicine appointment. Please don't hesitate to call our office number 503-662-7226 or send a message via our secure patient portal. Please do not send medical information via our Contact page, as it is not secure.

Q: How do telemedicine/video appointments work?

A: Telephone or video appointments can be requested via phone, voicemail, or patient portal, and can be scheduled for any day or time that works for the patient and doctor. Only certain complaints are appropriate for these visits, and are pending provider approval. Once scheduled, either the doctor will call you at that time, or you will receive an email with a link to connect via secure video. Visit fees can be paid via credit card using our patient portal.  

Q: I'm having difficulty getting the prescriptions I need. Can you help?

A: THANK YOU FOR ASKING! Too often patients go without the medications they need because of cost, administrative errors, or pharmacy availability. If you can't get your medicine, please let us know!  Click the button below to learn more about ordering refills and medication discounts. For other concerns, please call the clinic or send a message via our patient portal.